Ox Tongue Stew - Indonesian Style

Or also known as "Semur Lidah" . Also one of the dishes from my childhood. Having the sweet aroma of thick reddish gravy with a hint of nutmeg & worchester sauce, combined with the juicy melt-in-the mouth slices of beef tongue, surely brings back a lot of childhood's memory and that "homey" feeling. My grandma used to make this quite often....

* 1 whole ox/beef tongue
* 1 pcs large onion - chopped
* 5 pcs garlic
* 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder (add if you like)
* 4 pcs tomatoes - chopped
* 3 tbs dark soy sauce
* 2 tbs worchester sauce
* salt, pepper, brown sugar
** use 2 pcs of cloves to get rid of strong smell if needed

1.) Scrub clean & then boil ox/beef tongue until soft enough to peel the skin off
2.) Let cool, peel the skin off then slice
3.) Stir fry onions + garlic until fragrant
4.) Add sliced tongue, 3 cups of water, nutmeg, soy sauce, salt + pepper
5.) Add worchester sauce. Add sugar if needed. Stir in tomatoes
6.) Let the gravy reduce & thickens. Ready to serve
**Recipe source : my mom

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