Masaman Beef Curry

* 500 gr beef - cut cubes
* 2 medium potatoes - also cut in cubes
* 1 large white onion
* 2 cups of instant coconut milk
* 3 tbs desiccated coconut
* 3 tbs Masaman instant curry
* 2 stalks of lemon grass
* 5 pcs cardamom pods
* 1 tbs tamarind pulp
* 2 pcs bay leave

1.) Stir fry masaman curry paste over low heat till fragrant
2.) Mix in beef and cook until lightly brown then add 1 cup coconut milk
3.) Add lemon grass, cardamom, tamarind & desiccated coconut. Pour a bit more water and let it cook for a while until meat is tender. Add salt & pepper
4.) Stir in potatoes, add the second cup of instant coconut. More water if necessary
5.) Cook until the sauce thickens, potatoes & meat are tender
6.) Serve with sprinkles of fried shallots or bawang goreng

**Recipes from the back label of Masaman instant curry packaging

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