Pisang Goreng Salut Cornflakes

Cornflakes Coated Banana Fritters ~ Another kind of banana fritters. Just experimenting with cornflakes and a pinch of cinnamon powder which turned out quite beautifully crispy on the outside and soft buttery in the inside

* 5 pcs of ripe banana - slice into 2 or 3
* 1 cup of cornflakes, slightly crushed
* 1 and half cups of flour (around 8% to 9% of protein content)
* 1 egg white, whisk
* pinch of cinnamon powder & sugar to taste

1.) Mix flour, salt and water in a bowl until smooth then whisk in egg white
2.) Dip in banana slice into flour and then roll into a bed of cornflakes
3.) Cook in medium to high oil until the color turns slightly honey gold
4.) Place the fritters on a napkin spread to absorb oil
5.) Serve hot topped with sprinkle of icing sugar or chocolate syrup

** Recipe source: my creative kitchen

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