Garlic Shrimp with porcini mushroom

** Recipe is adopted & modified from Herti’s Kitchen and Ine’s Kitchen Multiply

* 400 gr large shrimps - deshelled and deveined
* 1 egg white - whisk thoroughly
* porcini mushroom
* red capsicum / red bellpepper - chopped
* scallion - finely chopped
* garlic - lots of them, roughly crushed or grated
* flour or bread crumbs

Cooking directions:
1.) Marinate shrimps with garlic, salt & pepper - leave for a few minutes
2.) Dip shrimps into whisked egg white then roll into flour/bread crumbs
3.) Shallow fry shrimps until turn golden, set aside on paper towel to absorb excess oil
4.) Stir fry crushed garlic until fragrant, add porcini mushroom, bellpepper & spring onions
5.) Pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix in shrimps.
6.) Ready to serve

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