Honey Grilled Chicken Wings

I decided to make something quick to go along with the fried noodle, which is considered as a snackie for Indonesians. Need another finger food type, except that the chicken wings in China comes in giant size

4-6 pcs of chicken wings - normal size can be 10-12 pcs

Marinate sauce:
* 3 tbs oyster sauce
* 4 tbs of honey
* 1 pc of lemon - squeezed
* 8 pcs of garlic - grated
* salt and pepper to taste
(leave chicken wings marinated for a few hours until they slightly turn color into light brown)
Now this is going to be slightly messy and youmay use oven if you prefer. Heat cooking pan and drizzle with olive oil. Place chicken wings inside and let them brown nicely while holding the pan, turning the heat high, occasionally brushing the skin of chicken to the naked flame.

Bell pepper Salsa:
* 1 large red bell pepper/capsicum/paprika - chopped small
* 2 pcs of garlic, grated
* salt, pepper, sugar to taste
* few drops of lemon juice

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