Eggplant Sichuan Style

* 6 Chinese eggplant -
I use 1 piece of Mongolian eggplant which is quite a giant size about 16 cm in diameter
* 2 tbs of dark soy sauce
* 5 pcs of garlic - grated
* 2 tbs of Beijing cooking wine (rice wine should do)
* 50 gram of lean minced beef
* 2 tbs of sesame oil
* 2 red chilis sliced thinly - or 1 tbs of dried chili flakes
* 1 cm of fresh ginger - grated
* a handful of spring onions, chopped
* 1 tbs of red wine vinegar

Cooking Directions:
1.) Wash and peel eggplants. Cut into long strips then soak with salt for 15 mnts.
Drain excess water and set aside.
2.) Heat pan to high with sprinkle of olive oil. Toss eggplants until lightly brown, and set aside
3.) Heat pan, toss in grated garlic until fragrant. Add minced beef until brown
4.) Toss the eggplants back in. Stir in ginger, Beijing cooking wine, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, red wine vinegar and chili flakes. Add a pinch of salt, pepper & a bit of sugar to taste.
5.) Let it cook for a while until sauce thickens, or you may add half tsp of starch.
6.) Ready to be served, topped with sprinkles of chopped spring onions.

** Recipe source from YumYum.com

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