Shepherd Pie

* 700 gr lean minced beef
* 1 large onion, finely chopped
* 1 cup of cubed carrots
* 1 cup of peas
* 1 cup of sliced button mushrooms
* 4 pcs of large potatoes
* butter
* soft cheese
* grated vintage cheese
* worchestershire sauce
* salt, pepper & seasoning powder to taste

1. Peel potatoes and boil until soft
2. Stir in chopped onions until fragrant
3. Add minced beef, mix until cooked through & add vegetables
4. Add salt, pepper, worchester sauce and seasoning
5. Lastly mix in grated vintage cheese. Set aside
6. When potatoes are cooked through, mashed them smooth in a bowl add butter, soft cheese, salt & pepper to taste
7. In an oven proof dish, place the cooked meat on the bottom layer. Then top with layer of mashed potatoes.
8. Place in an oven for about 30 minutes - or microwave can also be used with settings on combination high for 20 mnts, followed by “grill” for 10 mnts

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