Home Food Photography #2 : Gila properti!

An interesting theme I definitely wouldn't want to miss. All this time I've been surfing inspiring sites drooling over their food photos, amazed at how the word "photography" has developed from something I barely understand into an art that I learn to appreciate - and later on learn to master As a newbie, my knowledge on the subject is still limited to a very basic thing - that the photo speaks to its audience - to me. Macro shot of a slice of chocolate cake with bits of crumble here and there, enhanced by a drop of melting chocolate on the side, to me that screams "oh yumm…. lick me pleeeeaase!"

Then I started seeing a deeper perspective of the photos, backdrops beautifully blending in with the theme, dominant colors that match and eye-catching compositions. Shortly afterwards, my mind start noticing edges, curves, textures, forms….

Foodie blog hopping is a passion…. okay maybe not so, but I spend more time looking at food shots than watching movies or TV shows. Honestly, I'm an addict! While drooling over the food in photos, I also love looking at the props in the background. Feels like window shopping, almost. Oh well, here's a bit of my not-so-much collection. Enjoy!

Link to HFP# 2 click here


Dwiana P said...

Dhi, ternyata gw ada temennya bergila ria urusan props yah kekekeke. Props nya cantik2. Asian style. suka banget.

Indigo said...

Hahaha, bener Dwi, gak afdol kalo ngelewatin toko alat2 rumah tangga tanpa mampir.