Tiger Snails

Second trial of cooking this pretty thing. Yes, they're edible and pretty, but let me tell you snails are not for everyone. Some find it as a delicacy, while others may find this quite, well....... weird, I was going to say something else. But you know, the kind that they would serve in fear factor shows.

As for me, I'm not a fussy eater, probably more of an exotic type eater, just out of curiousity.
In the supermarket these babies were labelled as tiger snails - or keong macan. They would be beautiful cooked in strong spices. I cooked them in mild spice of West Sumatra 'asam padeh' which is quite close to the Thai tom yam flavours. Bought a bag of them. In cleaning them, I usually chop the top bit off. But these shells are very tough so I just let them be.

* Lemon squeeze 1 pcs
* 2 stalks of lemon grass - pounded
* kaffir lime leaves 5 pcs
* fresh ginger slices about 2cm
* Bayleaf 2 pcs
* Pinch of galangal powder
* Tomatoes - lots
* Tamarind - 2 pcs
* Red chilies, seeded and washed - processed smoothly
* Cardamom pods 2 - 4 pcs
* sugar, salt, pepper, garlic

1.) To begin with, I always stir fry some garlic & onions, add chilies
2.) Add tomatoes, bayleaf, salt, sugar, cardamom pods, kaffir lime leaves
3.) Add snails, leave the cover on for a while until the sauce thickens
4.) Throw in chopped coriander leaves and a twist of lemon juice


Fitri said...

Yuhuuu..Maak..gue menemukan dirimu disini akhir nya.. gue link ya mak..

btw gimana gitu cara membersihkan keong uuh susah gaa ?

Indigo said...

link elo gw masukkin yang MP ya mak. Keong cuci cangkang luarnya aja. Trus masaknya aja yang mateng.

mae said...

duh mbak aku geli banget klo liat yg beginian, gak kebayang deh 'benda' seperti itu bs dimakan >_<